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    Oceanic Communications, Group Head Office:

    Situated approximately 1500 kilometres east of Australia and 1000 kilometres south of Fiji, New Zealand is an island country with just under 4.5 million inhabitants. The first people to arrive in New Zealand were Polynesians in the 12th century, developing into the native Maori. In 1642 the first Europeans made contact with the Maori but permanent European settlement did not begin until the early 1800’s.

    New Zealand’s varied and mountainous terrain is caused by active tectonic activity, with the country located on the Pacific ring of fire. A geographically long period of isolation from continental land masses has seen New Zealand develop a distinctive diversity in both animal and plant life. With a liberalised free-market economy based around services, agriculture and tourism, New Zealand is well developed and its population enjoy a high standard of living.

    Oceanic’s head office is located in the country’s capital, Wellington. A compact and vibrant city of half a million inhabitants, Wellington is located on the south-western tip of the North Island. The head office houses the Oceanic senior management team as well as finance, HR and IT services for the wider group. Oceanic has warehouse access in Auckland near to the international Airport and can handle logistics, warehousing and fulfilment operations.

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    Oceanic Holdings (Fiji) Ltd

    The Republic of the Fiji Islands is located about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii with a population of 844,000. The country's capital, Suva is located at the south-eastern end of Viti Levu, and is the nation's major port and largest city, while Nadi is the country's main visitor centre and international airport.

    Fiji is naturally endowed with forest, mineral, and fish resources and is one of the most developed of the Pacific island economies. Sugar exports, remittances from Fijians working abroad, and a growing tourist industry are the major sources of foreign exchange.

    Oceanic Holdings (Fiji) Ltd is primarily responsible for distribution of all Digicel and Topup channels for the incumbent Digicel mobile telecommunications company launched in Fiji in October 2008. We supply over 120 flagship and dealer stores throughout Fiji and distribute over 100,000 Topup vouchers per week to over 12,000 resellers per month.

    Based in Nadi on the western side of the largest island Viti Levu, Oceanic Holdings (Fiji) Ltd employs 85 staff and has a distribution office in the capital Suva. OCL Fiji specializes in electronic Topup channels across Fiji in areas with GPRS coverage and currently manages over 500 eMerchants over most parts of Fiji and in as far reaching areas as the northern Lau group and Yasawa group of islands to the west.

    OCL Fiji continues to grow alongside Digicel and to provide specialized local knowledge in our aim to be the number one supplier of handsets and mobile topup products in the country.

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    Oceanic Communications (Asia) Ltd

    The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is located between Thailand/China and Bangladesh/India with a population of around 60 million. The country's largest city, Yangon is located near the coast at the southern end of the country with a population of 6 million and an international airport. Myanmar is naturally endowed with forest, natural gas, gold and jade resources and is one of the least developed of the ASEAN economies with a per capita GDP of only US$1,300 per annum. Recent political changes and the relaxation of sanctions have seen a massive increase in the interest of foreign companies to invest in the future of Myanmar. The stated intention of the Government is to achieve a mobile subscriber base from the current 2 million users to 39.5 million users by the end of 2016.

    Oceanic Communications (Asia) Limited has been established in Myanmar since 2012 and has developed extensive local knowledge through local and expatriate resources. Combining this with our expert industry and technical competence we aim to be the number one logistics provider and supplier of handsets, consumer electronics and mobile top up products and services in the country.

    We have fully equipped and modern warehouse facilities in Yangon and Mandalay employing over 50 full-time staff and with access to more than 500 casuals as required. Utilising expertise from our predominantly local staffing base, OCL is developing an extensive distribution network that currently spans across Yangon and Mandalay, out to Nay Pyi Taw, Pyay and beyond. OCL’s resources and capabilities in Myanmar extend wider than typical logistical functions and we can cater for a wide range of sales, distribution, support and processing requirements. Investigations into further opportunities to add value to our current customers is continual and our commitment to developing business in Asia is ongoing.

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    Oceanic Communications (PNG) Ltd

    80% of Papua New Guinea's 6.5 million people live in rural areas with few or no facilities. With an area of 462,840 sq KM, Papua New Guinea has almost twice the land area of New Zealand. Many communities are located in mountainous interior and many tribes have little contact with each other, let alone with the outside world.

    Abundant rainforests provide the raw material for a logging industry, which is dominated by foreign-owned companies. Conservation groups have criticised the social and environmental impact of logging and other disruptive industries such as mining. Papua New Guinea's mineral deposits - including gold, copper and nickel - are extensive, but the difficult terrain and poor infrastructure make exploitation slow.

    OCL PNG has over 150 employees scattered throughout 10 different locations in some of the most rugged and inaccessible terrain in the world. All of the main operations are controlled from Port Moresby.

    Sales order generation and processing, distribution to regional centers, card activation, fulfillment phone to phone and finance related operations emanate from Port Moresby. OCL PNG operate from 4 hubs that will be able to service the entire country. These are located at:

    Port Moresby –Port Moresby area (capital of PNG)

    Lae – Momase region (Lae / Madang / Popondetta / Wewak / Alotou)

    Mt Hagen – New Guinea Highlands (Mt Hagen / Kundiawa / Mendi / Goroka)

    Kokopo – New Guinea Islands (Buka / Kavieng / Kimbe / Kokopo)

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    Oceanic Communications (Samoa) Ltd

    Samoa lies east of the international dateline and consists of 2 main islands. Savaii is the bigger island, and all Government Departments, Parliament, and the capital, Apia, are located  on the smaller island of Upolu, with a population of 186,000.  Samoan is the national language, but English is widely spoken and is the official language of business.

    Oceanic Communications Samoa Ltd employs 21 staff in its operation.  16 of our staff members operate in delivery and distribution of Top-Up Flex Cards, and in addition Street Vendors are located in the towns and villages selling single Top-Up Flex Cards and electronic airtime to the public.

    The warehouse has a staff of 5 who deal with fulfillment, dispatching, stock control of all handset and inactive cards, administration and the day to day running of operations.

    Country Manager: Edmond Yee

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    Oceanic Communications (Tonga) Ltd

    Tonga is located in Polynesia, about two-thirds of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand. Almost two-thirds of the 101,991 inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tonga live on its main island, Tongatapu. Although an increasing number of Tongans have moved into the only urban and commercial centre, Nuku?alofa.

    Oceanic Communications Tonga employs 10 permanent staff and 8 casual staff.

    Country Manager: Scott Mulholland

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    Oceanic Communications (Vanuatu) Ltd

    The Republic of Vanuatu is a group of over 80 islands in the South Pacific with a population of over 200,000. The people of Vanuatu are diverse group with an array of customs and languages throughout the islands. On the island of Efate is the capital Port Vila, a bustling town and the center for all economic activity in the country. Small scale agriculture is the main source of income in the islands with fishing, tourism and off-shore financial services as other strong supporters of the economy.

    Oceanic Communications (Vanuatu) Limited is a Ni-Vanuatu company made up of a team of 20 individuals. OCL is the distribution and logistics provider to Digicel Vanuatu Limited and provide services such as mobile phone procurement, and manages over 1000 flex card resellers throughout the islands. This is done by a combination of sub distributors in the outer islands and direct sales teams based in Port Vila and Luganville Espiritu Santo. The location of villages can prove difficult to get to.

    Country Manager: Karl Kalingis

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