Electronic Distribution

Electronic Direct Topup

Oceanic Communications provides Electronic Direct TopUp services in 7 South Pacific countries with over 10,000 points of presence.

A diverse range of products and services can be delivered through the electronic distribution network, with Oceanic Communications having considerable expertise in developing and servicing a wide ranging sales channel for Prepaid Phone Topup.

Other products that can be delivered through the platform by direct top up include:

  • Bill Collection (Utilities, cellular, home phone, internet)
  • Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Prepaid Home Phone
  • Prepaid Internet and Wireless
  • Prepaid Mastercard and Visa
  • Wireless Content (Ring-tones, graphics and games)

Oceanic's technology partner is the leading international provider of transaction processing with operational platforms spanning more than 20 different countries.


Why use Oceanic's Electronic Distribution network?

Oceanic Communications is the only distribution company with a complete end-to-end electronic network that reaches out across New Zealand and the South Pacific nations, with ties into a global backend throughout North, South and Central America.

  • Maximise your points of presence
  • Gain accelerated market penetration
  • Obtain extensive market visibility
  • Increase your merchant retention and loyalty
  • Maximise your market coverage and proximity
  • Provide effective market regulation
  • Have access to state-of-the-art tiered reporting rolled up to country and global

Cross Border Topup

Using existing relationships with global airtime aggregators, Oceanic Communications can provide cross border topup from local diaspora back to family and friends in their home country. The cross-border transactions are in real-time and account for differences in exchange rates.

Pre-paid Wifi and calling cards (PIN Based)

In additional to direct top up, Oceanic Communications also distributes PIN based products such as pre-paid WIFI (internet) and international calling cards using the same platform. Any merchant with a terminal and receipt printer can sell PIN based products in addition to direct top-up.

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