What is Quick Sell?

OCL's Quick Sell is a proprietary Andrioid app that provides a faster, more reliable way for resellers to sell Digicel airtime compared to the traditional USSD strings utilised across the Pacific Islands. The Quick Sell application was developed in-line with the growth of Android based smartphone’s across the Pacific and enhances our continual focus on servicing our customers as well as offering the best Top Up solutions in the market.

Key Features:

  • Supported on all Android smartphones and tablets from v2.3 upwards
  • No mobile data required for top up! Only requires mobile data or WIFI connectivity for the initial installation and any application or product updates
  • New products, product updates or application updates are pushed out to devices from OCL’s web based Support Site
  • Push Notifications can be sent from OCL’s Support Site to alert resellers of channel activities or incentives (these actions require mobile data)
  • Future plans include support for basic transaction history which can then be shared via the Android share options (such as email, Google Drive, Dropbox and others)

OCL Quick Sell is available now in PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa:

Download OCL Quick Sell version 1.10315


Download OCL Quick Sell Reseller guide


OCL Quick Sell frequently asked questions

Q. I am an existing OCL reseller, can I use OCL Quick Sell right away?
A. If you are an existing OCL Reseller then you only need to download and install OCL Quick Sell onto your Android device, select your country of operation, and enter the mobile number of the device. Please note that if your existing reseller device is using a different number to the Android device then you will need to contact your local OCL office to update this information.

Q. How can I become an OCL Quick Sell Reseller?
A. It's easy to become a registered OCL Quick Sell Reseller, click here to find and contact your local office today!

Q: How much mobile data is used during the download & installation of the Quick Sell application?
A: Very little in fact, and once installed Quick Sell uses no data at all for transactions or balance checks. Data is only then required for receiving updates to Quick Sell and receiving Push Notifications from the Support Site.

Q. What networks does Quick Sell currently support?
A. Quick Sell supports Digicel in all locations where Oceanic Communications distributes Top Up

Q. Does the customer need to have the phone with them to top it up?
A. No. The customer only needs to know their phone number.

Q. Does the customer’s phone have to be on to top it up?
A. No. The customer will be topped up directly to their pre-pay account.

Q. What if the customer does not know their phone number?
A. Send a blank text / SMS to 777 using the customer’s phone and the phone number will be sent back in an SMS message. This is free on Digicel.